T.M. Remedial Surveying
(freelance surveyors)

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What's The Survey about ?

The purpose of the survey is usually to establish the exact cause of a percieved problem, and provide an appropriate solution.

For example.......

(1) Does my property suffer from Rising Damp?, Penetrating Damp?, Condensation?, Or none of these? --- We will inform you

(2)Is the infestation by harmless Bark Borer Beetle or the potentially deadly House Longhorn Beetle? Does it need to be treated? --- We will inform you

(3)How can I insulate my cold external walls if they don't have a cavity? --- We have the solution...

(4)In a period property should you use a cement based wall finish or Lime Plaster?  And what's the difference? --- We will inform you

(5)Is the decay caused by common Wet Rot or the far more serious Dry Rot?  How did it start? How should we treat it and prevent it from spreading? --- We will inform you

(6)Should the walls be 'sealed' to cure dampness or should they be allowed to 'breathe'? --- We will inform you

(7)To make your cellar or basement dry, does it require a Cementitious Waterproofing System or a Cavity Membrane System? --- We will inform you

(8)And how much should it cost? --- We will inform you