T.M. Remedial Surveying
(freelance surveyors)

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Why an Independent Surveyor ?

  1. We will not try to sell you something!
  2. We will provide a much more thorough and objective inspection and report on your property detailing what treatments or works if any, are necessary.
  3. Many contractors employ commission based salesmen to carry- out 'surveys', which are often inaccurate and geared towards selling you a product or treatments offered by their company.
  4. We are not looking to secure a contract of works, but to provide you with the correct information and advice. 
  5. If remedial works are essential we will supply a full specification and state how much the work should cost from a reputable contractor...We will also help you to find one! 
  6. An independent survey and report will give you peace of mind and could save you a great deal of expense.
  7. There are currently only eleven PCA registered independents in the UK!